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The Problem

  • Lack of adequate healthcare delivery system
  • Lack of healthcare education
  • Lack of supportive healthcare infrastructure

Contributing Cause

  • Worker Shortage
  • Corruption in the Public Sector
  • Counterfeit Drugs
  • Medical Needs of the Population are Changing

This video clip shows a fire incident that occurred a couple of years ago at the Imo airport in Owerri Imo state of Nigeria. The gravity of the smoke is indicative of the severity of the fire which affected many people. The victims required emergency trauma care.

This video shows the arrival of a van carrying burn victims from the airport fire in anticipation of receiving life-saving care. Here the victims are further victimized by a lack of adequate medical infrastructure which is so prevalent in most communities in Nigeria. Imagine the type of ambulance services available to the people. The van in this video is not clinically hygienic and prepared for transporting patients, which could introduce infectious complications prior to receiving medical care. What type of emergency room are these people headed to? We can all agree that these people deserve some dignity.

The Need

  • Direct medical intervention
  • Education on disease prevention
  • Training for healthcare professionals
  • Provision of medical equipment and infrastructure
  • Promoting the use of digital technologies

Reason for Support and Intervention

  • Everyone deserves access to humane and compassionate healthcare
  • Lives will be saved